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You can join us by supporting our efforts to bring awareness to programs designed to increase the self-esteem. We welcome collaboration from professionals and volunteers who want to help  with gender specific issues, health and wellness, and life skills training.

Women in Recovery Education in collaboration with The Witness Project honors cancer survivor Cheryl White  who is surrounded by other cancer survivors

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Did you know that trauma is a gateway to delinquency, as well as harmful addiction?

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Women in Recovery Education needs your support with helping women and girls to deal with life on life terms and to understand that they are in many cases the victim. 

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As we come to the end of 2018, W.I.R.E would like to thank you for all of your support and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. We are expecting great things in 2019, and as a result of your dedication and continued support, we are searching for additional board members.

 If you believe in the mission of W.I.R.E, and have a passion for helping women and girls, we would love to have you as a board member. Please submit a resume or a short biography of yourself to our email address;

by January 12, 2019. Interested individuals will receive a response email by January 17, 2019

‚ÄčWIRE is women helping other women support group.

Women in Recovery Education Corp.

The mission of Women in Recovery Education is to help women and girls who have experienced some type of traumatic event in their life, and the stigma associated with it.

According to Webster's Dictionary trauma is a severe wound caused by a sudden physical injury, an emotional shock causing a lasting and substantial damage to a person's psychological development.  Trauma can happen to anyone of us at any time. It can be caused by rape, incest, grief, domestic violence, or any other forced or cruel actions to an individual.